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DB Dyed Shoes

I got my shoes dyed at David's Bridal and was pretty confident about them - they look great - but after reading a couple posts on here abuot Brides who didn't have good luck, I'm unsure.

Has everyone had an issue with DB's dyed shoes running and staining your feet? My "getaway" dress at the end of the night is short and my intention was to show off my shoes..but I'm a little worried that they will have stained my feet pink by then...

Stories? Suggestions?

Re: DB Dyed Shoes

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    I've been wondering about this too! Help ladies!
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    I've only heard of the dye running and staining feet if the shoes got pretty wet. If you're inside you should be fine. If you have feet that tend to sweat a lot maybe you could get those little nylon footies, Hue makes them in all different cuts so you can't see them. That would help absorb any sweat and keep dye off your feet.
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    My bridesaids had their shows dyed Canary Yellow & Peridot Green @ DB and they didnt have a problem.Just be careful though bc the ones that were supposed to be dyed Yellow came in Purple they had to send them back and get the right ones.
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    may sound silly but has anyone ever heard of the dye running onto say your dress??
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    I was a bridesmaid a few years ago and we had DB shoes died navy blue...and yes the color did bleed a little bit. It was only where the shoe touched my foot and I didn't know until I took them off. They were insanely uncomfortable too and my bruised toes blended in with my blue skin, lol. I think if the color hadn't been so dark it wouldn't have been so noticable. With pink shoes you should be fine, just make sure they fit properly and are comfortable!
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    They will put a sealant on them if you request it.
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    Thank you ladies! :D
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