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Can't find jewelry...any suggestions would be great!

Hello everyone! 

I have a small issue that probably seems crazy to everyone else, but I feel like I have so much going through my head right now I can't think clearly and I need an unbiased opinion. 

I am attaching a picture of my bridesmaid dresses. They are Alfred Sung and midnight color. I was thinking silver jewlery, but the issue is do I have the necklaces are match? or not? Their shoes are going to be silver also and not match because they live all over the east coast and match shoes was too complicated for me to figure out (none of my BMs live in the same city as me). 

The other issue is that my youngest BM is 14 (my sister) and my oldest is 27 so I want something that can work with anyone. 

I'm kind of thinking like a classy look, with a small bit of pizazz, but I don't know how to accomplish that. 

The groomsmen will be in grey and the groom in black. So I don't want it all looking like too much going on up there. 

I know in the picture she has chunky jewlery on, but I dont knw if that's the best choice. 

Here is what the guys will look like, but with out the polka dot ties, they'll just have navy. 

and just incase it helps with the vibe of what htings will look like, here is the flower girl dress...

Sorry that was like a novel, I guess I can't accomplish things the easy way. 
and I'm sure this is stupid to be askng adivce on but if anyone has any that would be great! 

Re: Can't find jewelry...any suggestions would be great!

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