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has anyone ever ordered from ideeli??!

Ok, I found out about Ideeli through the Knot so I am hoping to get some good response here.  I ordered a clutch for my wedding from there. Got it. Opened it, and it was clearly dirty. Went through the ringer trying to return it. Now I ordered a pair of Badgley Mishka shoes, and they are different from eachother. I dont remember the name of them maybe black sally? Anyway they have jewels at the toes and the one is perfect, in perfect condition ans its match has dingy jewels and the way they are placed on the toe is even at a greater angle than the other shoe. I am waiting for another order from ideeli with lingerie and I am half expecting that to be used or stretched out or something. Any one have similar issues?? or positve experience with ideeli? I am ready to get off their email list
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Re: has anyone ever ordered from ideeli??!

  • I have only received new products from ideeli and they were exactly as described.
  • I haven't ordered from Ideeli yet but I've been tempted multiple times...  I've ordered from HauteLook and RueLala which are similar... no issues whatsoever. 
  • I ordered Badgley Mischka shoes a few months ago from ideeli, and they were exactly as described.
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  • I just ordered the first time from Ideeli.  It was a pair of shoes and they were exactly as shown and described.  Wow - sorry to hear you had those issues OP. 

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  • I LOOOOVE ideeli! I bought my wedding dress, shoes, veil, and favors,from this page and everything has been perfect for me! I order,from them like,once a week! Sounds like you've had bad experiences but I loooove it!
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