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$$ signs listed under gowns

Hi, I'm new. : )

Can someone tell me what the $, $$, $$$ mean under a dress style I like in dresses category?  I know that that is price range, but I want to know what price range is for $, $$, $$$.  I can't find a legend.

Thank you!

Re: $$ signs listed under gowns

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    It's on the Help page, but is very tricky to find!

    Wedding gown prices can vary widely for a number of reasons. We've done our best to help you know what to expect. Our dollar sign codes are intended to give you a general idea of which gowns will most likely fall within your budget. But please don't assume that these are the exact prices you'll find in your local shops. You could spend less, and you can always spend more.

    That said, here is where you can expect prices to fall for the wedding gowns you see on The Knot:

    $ Very Affordable ($600 or less)

    $$ Affordable ($601-$1500)

    $$$ Moderately Expensive ($1501-$3000)

    $$$$ Expensive ($3001-$5000)

    $$$$$ Very Expensive ($5001 and up)

    Keep in mind that these price ranges do not necessarily reflect taxes, shipping and/or rush charges, fittings and alterations, or custom work. Prices are based on Average sizes; there may be an extra charge for Petite and Plus sizes. Questions? Please contact your local retailer or the designer for more information.
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    Thank you! 
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