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Rehearsal Dinner at Lucky Strike Bowling-What to Wear? (As a guest)

Hi all,

I'm attending a wedding next month in NYC and the rehearsal dinner is at Lucky Strike Bowling in one of the private rooms. What should I wear? I have been to 15+ weddings and all the rehearsal dinners I've attended were in nice restaurants so it was easy. I live in S. Calif.  I was thinking a black top, jeans and tall black boots or a dress with boots.  Any thoughts? Also, groom is SO's cousin and I'm meeting some of the extended family members for the first time so I want to look great. Thanks!

Re: Rehearsal Dinner at Lucky Strike Bowling-What to Wear? (As a guest)

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    I think that a nice top and jeans is appropriate.  You are going bowling!  Jeans are good.  Bowling in a dress is probably not the best idea...
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    Well shoes don't really matter as you're going to have to change them anyway...

    But sounds good to me.  Also sounds really fun, I want to do that for my RD!
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    Dark jeans and a nice top would probably be fine.  Lucky Strike is upscale, but not super formal, so anything you would wear to a posh club would be appropriate.

    If you're really worried, there are several Lucky Strike locations in SoCal, you could always call one of them up or poke your head in to find out what the normal dress code is.
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