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MOG dress color

I have a question about dress colors. Are there particular colors that the MOB and MOG should wear or not wear?

Specifically, FI's mother bought a black dress to wear. I haven't seen it but it sounds really nice. I don't personally have any problem with her wearing any color what-so-ever. But I'm thinking that maybe I've heard somewhere that black is a bad color to wear to weddings (maybe bad luck, or maybe because it's a funeral color?)....or maybe it's white...

Re: MOG dress color

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    Nope, there are no rules, as long she feels fabulous in it!
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    I don't think it really matters. I would say just not the same color as the bridesmaids. I think black is an elegant formal color that no longer carries a negative connotation with it. I see people wearing black everyday and never just assume they are going to a funeral :) I would say however, it should coordinate with the party somehow. Like I would say no bubble gum pink dresses at a fall red and orange wedding. Other than that... let them get what the like and feel good in!
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    Since she's not in the wedding party, you have no right to tell her (or the other parents/grandparents) what she can and cannot wear. The parents do not have to coordinate with your color scheme or your bridal party. They are free to choose their own attire.

    As far as wearing black ... there's no such thing as bad luck, and nowadays I doubt that anyone would take a black outfit to mean that she's in mourning (unless she wears a black veil and is crying the whole time).

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    My mom wore black, it's fine.
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    In Boston/NYC Black is the Go-to color for any social event, so it's FINE. In Europe/UK not so much- but if you're in the USA, go for it!
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