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I am the bride and my father is insisting on wearing..

a white tuxedo to walk me down the aisle, he said he wants to match his babe <3 i am just a little worried because my groom and groomsmen will be wearing black tuxedos and father of the groom is wearing black also, I don't want the white to clash with everything else but at the same time, I dont wanna hurt dad's feelings by asking him not to wear the white tux he picked out and was soo excited about. idk what to do, I am worrying myself to death!!!! Any advice?

Re: I am the bride and my father is insisting on wearing..

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    [QUOTE]Could he compromise and do a white vest under a black suit?  I think that would look really nice!
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    This was my first thought.  White vest, white tie, white flowers only in his bout.  For my wedding, the only ones who had daisies and all white flowers were me, DH, mom and dad.
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  • Who cares? Let him wear what he wants.

    Do you really think anyone in your crowd is going to be watching a beaming bride and a proud dad walking down the aisle, and instead of fawning over how sweet it is, they'll be turning to each other and saying, "Ewww, his tux doesn't match the other guys' tuxes"?
  • I also don't see the big deal- I think it's so sweet he wants to wear that with you. However- I do love the idea of white everything else, then the black tux or suit on top- buuut I LOOOVE black and white hahahah.
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  • The only people whose attire you get to dictate, and who should coordinate, are the WP.  Every other guest, including parents, can wear whatever they want.  If a white tux is what makes him happy, why argue?  Doesn't seem worth the fight to me.  I'm pretty sure no one will mistake him for the bride.
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  • What about a white jacket?  That's a compromise.  I think that's cute he wants to match you!  Adorable. :)  At least your Dad is healthy, proud and able to walk you down the aisle.  

    Focus on the positive rather than the small, unorthodox request. Which again is ADORABLE!:)

    If he wanted to wear cut-off shorts and an undershirt that's a!

    Good luck!

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  • I wouldn't love it, but I would let him.  It's not that big of a deal.  Our fathers didn't match.  My dad wore a tux, with different vest and tie from the groomsmen and my FIL wore a suit in a different color.  They all looked fine.
  • Your dad doesn't need to coordinate with anyone. Even if it does bug you, think of how happy it makes him? Do you really want to take away something your dad is so happy about, just so everything is perfectly coordinated. Your WP is all that matters for coordination. This is dangerously close to bridezilla territory.
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