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deciding on a veil or headpeice need help! PIP

I am not sure what to do with my hair for my wedding, it is too short to pull up very thick and wavy, and i am not a fan of long veils or lots of pouf or glitz. Here is my dress:
I was wondering what anyone thought of birdcage veils, I like these

or those venetian styles that are like a mesh rectangle that attaches on either side, maybe in a fine mesh or organza to match my dress. But Im not sure if it will go together. What does everyone think?

Re: deciding on a veil or headpeice need help! PIP

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    Definitely the first one - it compliments the style and flow of your gown.  :)
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    I think the first one would go better with your dress.
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    well I like the material of the first one, I would def not go with the netting of course I just dont like the poufiness of the first, i like how the second one fits so I might make my own to customize it? i dont think if the gown needs a poufy veil, especially since my hair is rather thick and wavy (hopefully not poufy on the day lol) I just wasnt sure if they complemented each other or if one would distract from the other so thanks so much guys :)
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