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Picking colors that you can find in tux vests & ties...

I picked slate blue, black, and pearl white as my colors. When I went to the store to find a tux vest to match the bridesmaid dresses I picked I found out that there were only 4 tones of blue and like 40 of pink!!! I was so disappointed I checked all over finding nothing close to my blue. A friend finally suggested getting black vests and buying the blue ties in a suit store as a present to the groomsmen. I'm so thankful for friends having great ideas!!

Re: Picking colors that you can find in tux vests & ties...

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    Amen, sister! lol. Friends are great sources!

    Did you look at all at Men's Warehouse? I don't know what their selection in blue is, but of the places around here, they have by far the widest color variety.
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    I've always found matchy matchy dresses and tux vests to be super prom-like. Black vests and ties are so classic and sharp looking, and will never be out of style.
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    I love the idea of the black vest with a matching tie from a department store!!
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    I like the idea of the blue tie and black vest, but I wouldn't give them as a present to the groomsmen. Anything the bp has to wear for the wedding isn't really a gift to them...
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