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any one bought a dress from

hey has anyone bought a dress from i found a couple dresses that i like but am nervous to buy online. I would be more comfortable knowing if anyone else has bought good stuff from here. im not nervous about dress type its more if its actually the real designer and not a remake.

Re: any one bought a dress from

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    I bought the bm dresses there. Review in my married bio.
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    I bought my dress at netbride. You can see posts over the last few days on the April 2010 board. The prices are excellent - HOWEVER - they didn't get my dress to me by the promised date (not an issue if you order way out, but I leave for my wedding trip in less than two weeks) and they didn't put tracking on the order (this is not norm, no one can tell me what happened really). To be honest though, they are trying to work out a solution but there definately was an issue!!!

    I would say as long as you live in the states and can have them ship it UPS or FedEx, they would be great! 

    Also try Pearl's Place - a lot of girls say their prices beats netbrides even.
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    thanks a bunch ladies!! that gives me some more options. I am going to davids bridal tomorrow and i didnt want that to be my only option!
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