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what kind of jewelry to wear with my dress?

maybe yall can help me with ideas.
we are getting married in vegas on the terrace of a chapel in front of a gazebo in the evening. this is my dress. 
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Re: what kind of jewelry to wear with my dress?

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    Pretty! With the bling in the center of the neckline, I'd do one of the following: 
    1) BIG bling-y earrings in the same sort of stones as the bling on the dress and NO necklace (this would be nice especiallly if your hair is up)


    2) A necklace similar to that in the photo, maybe not even as much as that, and very simple earrings. Again, I'd do the same stones as on the dress. 
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    Thank you. I was thinking some bling on the earrings and maybe a blingy hair thingy. lol  not sure how i am wearing my hair yet. 
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