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Hi there! 

I´m really new to this site and I thought I´d try to ask if you can help with my ring. I know exactly what ring I want but the problem is that it´s quite expensive and that it´s not made from recycled material. You see, I want an eco-wedding and the ring is a big part of your wedding. But the problem is that the producer doesn´t really want to change anything about the ring. :( So I can´t request recycled white gold and man-made gems. The other eco-option is then to buy it second hand. Unfortunately I can´t find it on eBay either. So I thought that if I´d post it here then maybe some of you know where I can buy it slightly used or if you´ve seen it somewhere else. The site is: and the ring is: 
Celtic Knot Inset Band (C-761)okänt.jpg Ain´t it beautiful? This is the perfect ring for me. It doesn´t matter if the ring has diamonds or not, cause if it doesn´t then I can just have my local jeweller put some in. I really hope someone can help me in my quest. Smile
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