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Wedding guest attire help needed badly

I'm going to my first English wedding very soon.  I'm sort of freaking's pretty posh.  It's an early evening ceremony at a church followed by a reception at a country club.  I think I really need a hat/fascinator, and I have to make a descision very soon for it to arrive in England in time.  My first one just didn't work well.

Here are the options....I would LOVE some advice (even though I know this board is for bridal party....I still thought you could help).  My dress is inspired by this dress but it's knee-lenght and in lighter/med yellow

Option #1:  Black shoes, black clutch with this gray fascinator Is it too bumble bee?  Would a typical British person wear something like this??  My husband is of no help...this is his first wedding in England though he is English!

Option #2:  Blue fascinator, navy peep toe shoes, with a navy clutch.
I am more partial to this style of hat....seems easier to wear.  Or should I do a neutral/cream shoe?  I see that a lot on the royal family when I am reading the gossip pages (guilty pleasure). 

Thanks for the help!!

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