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Bircage or fingertip veil?! Please help

The very first thing I knew I wanted for my wedding was a birdcage veil.  It set the whole feel of my vintage style wedding.  However, now I am feeling like I may miss out on the traditional, long, tulle veil pictures that are so classically beautiful. I have a very simple dress that you could pair with any type of veil.

What to do?!

An idea my mom recomended was to do both, long for the ceremony and then switch to the birdcage for the reception entrance/dance.  I don't want to come across as the high maintenance bride with 3 dresses and several "costume changes"  Im a simple girl...but can't decide?!

Re: Bircage or fingertip veil?! Please help

  • Well start with what your dress looks like and how you will wear your hair for your wedding. What is the back of the dress like? Will you have your hair up or down? Is your hair short or long? After you have that...then the decision will be a little easier.

    Birdcage looks great on short hair or hair that is to be tied back.
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  • My hair will be up and my dress is simple all the way around, no crazy back to show off...... both veils would work with my hair and dress, thats what makes it so hard to choose.....
  • Then I see your predicament! I had the same issue! Birdcage or no birdcage! I have to admit...I LOVE the birdcage veils!!

    Anyway, have you tried looking at birdcage veils as well as the longer traditional veils with your hair in a similar fashion you'd wear on your wedding day? If both ended up looking great, think of the formality of the wedding. If your still don't have a decision I'd say do what your mother stated! Nothing wrong with that!

    I want to wear my veil to my reception but I have a tiara someone lent to me and it is gorgeous, so I decided to wear it at the reception and my veil at the ceremony.
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  • I wore a birdcage and do not regret it for a single second. I totally loved it.
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