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I haven't got my dress yet. For some reason all of a sudden I've been thinking about how my wedding will come off 20 years from now in pictures. I don't know why....but for some reason this bothers me thinking about it. I don't want to look at my pics and think oh god, that was definately a trend. For example, poofy sleeves in 80's. I think this stems from looking at my mother's dress. Actually, it is a great dress except the sleeves (they are flared like bell was a 70's wedding). Anyway, I am wondering if the mermaid/trumpet style will come off like this since it seems to be so popular right now. Also, beaded sashes or anything else people can think of! I am leaning toward the mermaid style (although based on my body type I should probably wear something else like a a-line....but I don't want to necessarily feel like I have to wear it just because I am not skinny). Anyway, I know inevitably certain aspects of the wedding will definately date it but I guess I want to know what everyones thoughts are about what you think might be a trend versus timeless.
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