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Brides beware!!!!!

I purchased a sash from a company called A.B.Ellie and well I have to admit it is absolutely gorgeous but..........................and I mean a big BUT................the ribbon color did not match my dress!!!! I spent $400 dollars on this sash and it does not match!!!! I am so disappointed!!! I contacted the company and while they said they are sorry they also would not do anything to help me fix it!!! They told me to sell it and order a new one!!!!! Well this may be the best situation for their company I would not reorder from them just for the principle of it. While I selected the color it was not until after I received it that they suggested I should have sent them a swatch of the fabric!
Obviously very frustrated I have not let this get me down! I will prevail and fix it on my own but I just want to warn all the brides out there that if you want something to match you should know this and realize this on your own because the experienced professional is not going to ask or take any ownership if it comes in wrong!!! And besides this is the only thing on your mind when you are planning a wedding for the first time and you should have to think of everything that could possibly go wrong instead of expecting a professional company to help guide you through the process! Up until this point my planning has been a breeze! And so this is how a BRIDZILLA is born!!!!! LOL  
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