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Question about Accessories...lavender , white , glitter, rhinestones!!which one?

Hello Everyone,
This is my first post and I need help! My wedding is in 3 months (actually a little less than that) and I have not purchased my shoes, jewelry, veil or crinoline because I CAN NOT make a decision which is not good when my wedding is 3 months theme is lavender and silver and white with dress is a maggie which is diamond white with crystals on the corset...i was thinking about these two options (please tell me which one you think would look the best)...White Shoes with either rhinestones (diy) or glitter irresdesecent(diy) the heels will be my jessica simpson white pumps that I have never worn with rhinestone jewelry and rhinestones on my well as I am adding some AB crystals to my corset ,,...or Lavender dyed shoes with a dyed crinoline in lavender (I thought this would be a cute Idea to tie in with bridesmaids because their dresses are satin lavender- actually the color is IRIS from Davids Bridal which is my favorite color)..the jewelry can stay the same either rhienstones or cubic c..OR if you think I could add some lavender crystal jewelry...please help!. I know other brides have dyed their crinolines diff colors and I think it looks really good just not sure what I should do especially with only 80 something days..thank u!

Re: Question about Accessories...lavender , white , glitter, rhinestones!!which one?

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