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Wedding band option? BHLDN?

So I was on Pinterest (love!) trying to shop around for an inexpensive, different, but not cheapy wedding band. I really like the look of this one and it's only slightly out of my price range (definitely do able!) but would it be dumb as a wedding band? My ring is palladium with antique style scroll work and a princess cut diamond. I love pearls and it says its silver (bad?).

Also, has anyone heard of this website??? Is it reputable???

Re: Wedding band option? BHLDN?

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    vicki0508vicki0508 member
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    I think you can have whatever type of wedding band you want.  However, IMO, that ring looks really cheap and poorly made.  It's probably a design thing, but I just don't like it.

    Amazon has a lot of wedding bands in your price range.

    edit - I think something like this looks a lot better.
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    BHLDN is a branch of Anthropologie and they have a lot of good stuff.  That said, I really don't like that ring.  The design just doesn't seem like a wedding band to me.  Also, if it's made of silver, it will tarnish over time.

    You don't have to have a wedding band, you know.  If you can't find one you like and can afford, you can always just wear your e-ring by itself.
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