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Hello ladies. I'm having a little difficulty finding something old. I have something blue, something borrowed and something new. Just need the something old. Does anyone have any suggestions?? thanks in advance!

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    Someone on another board posted a really cute necklace with a pic of grandparents wedding or something like that. I thought it was really cute for bouquet. I think I am going to go with something less expensive and get one of the bouquet charms and put an old pic of FI's grandparents wedding..
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    If you don't want to wear it, I like the placing something of importance into the bouquet...such as a hair pin, brooch, etc.

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    I have my grandmother's engagement ring diamond in my engagment ring, so I have something old already.  I love the pearl idea though...then again everyone in my wedding is getting pearls to wear on the day.  I love the grandmother's jewelry idea, as well as the picture.  I have also known people to find a really old penny and stick it in their shoe. I got a sixpence for my best friend to put in her shoe when she got married...she is a lover of old english.  Good luck!
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    I'm thinking of borrowing one of my grandmother's old rosaries and have it wrapped around my tied bouquet.
    I hope it's not bad luck to have the same thing for "borrowed" and "old"?
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