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Corset or No Corset???

I'm torn between two dresses. Both of them I really like but one has a zippered back and the other one has a lace up back. Is one more comfortable then the other? I'm a size 14 and a 36DD. I"m not sure if the corset is going to be something confortable to wear all evening.

Re: Corset or No Corset???

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    IMO the corset would be more comfortable, because if you really need to you could just loosen the laces a little bit (mine's a corset and if I eat any real food I'll be loosening it LOL!) Plus with corset dresses then you don't need to get those long-line-torture bras... or, I dunno. Do you? You have a MUCH larger chest than I ::jealous:: so I guess I'm not sure there Tongue out
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    The corset back will most likely be more comfortable because it's adjustable. Keep in mind, a lot of times you can have a different back put into a dress. If you decide on the zippered one but want a corset back, or vice versa, most bridal shops can do that. I considered getting a corset back put in on my own dress. Try all different types of dresses on, and see which one is more comfortable.
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    I had my BM loosen my corset before dinner. It was great.
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    Unless it's absolutely tortorous to wear (in which case, I think it's the dress, not the corset back that is the problem), then the corset back dresses are much more practical!

    You can easily gain or lose a few pounds in the week(s) before the wedding, and the ability to adjust the corset back would ensure there are no last minute problems fitting into your dress because of 5 or 10 pounds.  In my book that is THE best reason to choose a corset back. 

    I can easily go up a size or couple of inches in the waist due to bloating or water retention.
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    With minimal alterations, a corset back will fit much closer to the body, then a zipper back.  That was the reason why one of my BM picked that style for her dress.  However, IMO it does not give a free pass to vary weight significantly after the fitting, it might not be able to tighten up any tighter or the modesty panel may not reach the snaps.  In either case, the back will look weird, and will not have that nice 'v' shape to it.


    I however, have a zipper back and I am dreading the multiple rounds of alterations to get it to fit right or the motoring of my weight (my last fitting will have to be about a month before the wedding).  If I had a choice between the two, corset back would be my pick. 





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