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I'm having my dress designed and made by a classmate from art school (we both majored in fashion.) He and I were on friendly terms-definitely a school friend. Not including the price of materials, how much do I pay him? I don't want him giving me a "friend's rate", I want him to charge me what he would charge anyone else. While we are fresh out of school, he has done couture for years and was recognized by the department as the best in our class for womenswear.
Also, how do I tell him to charge me (and by me I mean my dad..) a professional rate without sounding snooty? He is just that talented and I know will make me the dress of my dreams. Like I feel like it is an honor that he agreed to design a dress for me.
 I am not getting married until 2012, so I have awhile to figure this out.

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    i think you straight up say, I admire your work, and appreciate the amount of time it takes to do soemthing like this, I expect you to charge me what you would a perfect stranger, because even if I didn't know you i'd want you to make this dress!
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    I agree with PP.  I assume he will be flattered, not offended by the fact that you want to pay him full price.
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    I also had my dress custom-made by a friend who is a fashion designer. It really has been a fantastic experience.

    When she agreed to make the dress for me, we sat down and typed up a contract. She estimated the cost of the materials for the dress, as well as the amount of labor (in hours) the dress we had discussed would take. From there, she just applied an hourly rate, and we had a price. (She did give me a "friend rate" but I am certain that if I had not wanted her to do that, I could have just asked her to apply her usual rate.)

    Since you also majored in fashion, I am guessing that you'll have some idea what labor costs in that field are like. If he quotes a low hourly rate, just tell him to bump it up a bit.
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