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So excited!

Hey there ladies! I thought I would share a couple of exciting things that I was able to recently check off of my list. I hope to share more pictures with you soon.
First and foremost...I found my dress! I am beyond excited and relieved that I was actually able to find "the one." I have been looking for dresses for some time now and I was beginning to think that I would just need to settle on a dress that merely just looked good on me. However, after my fourth trip back to the same bridal shop (a little ridiculous I know!) I was able to fall in love with a dress. I was so surprised in a couple aspects of my dress. First off, I decided to get ivory. I never thought I would consider ivory but it looks so great with my skin tone that I couldn't pass it up! Also, I decided to add a belt to the dress and I'm not sure if you all can imagine the belt on my dress (given the pictures below but I truely believe the belt makes the dress especially beautiful! Like I said I hope to share some pics soon. We actually forgot to take pics of the dress that day because we were so excited to have actually found it! (When looking at the pictures: My dress is the Maggie Sottero: Holly and the dress with the belt shows the belt that I decided to purchase with my Maggie dress).
Second of all, our engagement pictures are in! I really love how they turned out and I hope to share a couple with you soon. We are waiting on our photographer to actually send us the CD with the pics (right now we can only view them on a slideshow).
Well anyhow, I thought I would share with you ladies these couple of things! I never thought I would be so pleased with how some of planning turns out so I'm relieved to have these off my list and beyond excited about there outcome!

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Re: So excited!

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    Forgive me if this sounds creepy, but do you have any pics of it on you? We had a post recently from a bride who is deployed to Iraq! She loves the look of the dress, but wants to see it on a real bride instead of just the model, and needs to order before she returns from her deployment.
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    opalsky, you have a great memory! I remember that too...Beautiful dress! I'd love to see the dress and belt together..!
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    Yeah, now I'm just wishing I could remember her SN. I'm going to have to do some digging...
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    Darn, I found her (TheEncoreBride), but the dress was actually the Scarlet, not the Holly. So much for my memory.

    But if you do have pics, OP feel free to share them!
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    I'd love to share pics soon. I'm hoping to go back to try it on agains and take some pics. I won't get the dress in until February so I definitely want to keep trying it on just to keep a rememberance of why I love it so much! Hopefully I'll post soon!
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    Very elegant dress!
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      Wow! You have great memory, it was me looking for a picture of the scarlet but this one ("Holly") seems to be the same fabric and almost the same style.

      I would have loved to see the real gown can you tell me anything about the fit, fabric and construction of the gown? Is yours a corset top too?

    Thanks ladies!
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