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Still haven't found my dress:((

Its been a while since I have been on(sooner365) just got a new name. I cannot commit to my current dress. I sold it. Now I am trying to find the dress... I have tried on a few but liked them. The only one I felt like a bride in was AA cinderella. But FBIL fiance said it was too much and made me look too young. I am 28 and a mom of 3 girls.  That was the ONLY one I didnt have to change anything about it and loved it. I would like it to be more of a dropped waist but I dont know if it is possible. Maybe bc it was sooo huge on me,I didnt get the full effect of the fit. I dont know if it is too much sparkle but I absolutely love the top part!!!! Its tafetta and tulle. I like lace  dresses alot but FI does not. Satin is good too.

Should I get a fit and flare or ballgown??

Here I am in AA Cinderella, I will be getting it in white and a sz 2, this is Ivory and 12. They dont have any dress clips to make it fit...weird for a salon to not have them.

here is me in a mermaid but it made me look wayyy too choppy. But an idea of fitted

What do you think??? We are having a winter wonderland theme with white,blues and silver. Outside garden ceremony, all white. then an inside reception in a garden settiing but with icy blue uplighting and silver snowflakes,white flowers all that good stuff!!

Re: Still haven't found my dress:((

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    Here are a couple I want to try on
    this one by EOA and I would remove that sash and add my own:) Or just a simple satin ribbon

    this is by demetrios and an older style.. i dont know the # though. Its lace and sparkly. I like it alot!!! I would puff the bottom out way more!

    And Quinlynn  I tried on a style kinda similar to it. FI said it looked like it was hanging on me. But I said it was way too big and not properly fitted on me.
    It was probably my favorite out of allll the dresses. I felt like a woman but the price was crazy!! 2400!! She only put it on me to get the effect of the MS one. But I really loved it!!!  
    I was focusing excuse the face lol

    would poof it out more

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    Yeah I know,FBIL's fiance is just too opinionated!! She said that and it did make me think.
     My fiance doesnt like lace and I want him to love my dress ya know?? He just says it reminds him of lingerie BUT said if I love a dress with lace get it. I dont know if it is good for a winter wedding. Like too thin?? Its pretty cold out here in PHX and it will be towards the evening.
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    Boomer, I have to agree with ILoveMilkDuds.  Who cares what anybody else thinks?  If you love the Cinderella dress and it makes you feel beautiful then that's the one you should get.  Don't worry if Fi doesn't like lace.  He'll love the way you look in your dress because how it makes you feel will shine out of you.

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    I know... I just want a wow dress:)) I need to find the perfect winter dress!!  Some poof and sparkle
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    I think you have found "the one" like PP go with what YOU want, and if thats the dress you like go for it!! It looks stunning!!
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    I will be trying on some more soon. After Xmas and then make a decision. Most places I have been talking to said it takes about 4-6 months and Jan. is a busy month them til March. So to order by Feb.would be good. I am gonna go to a cpl more places and then choose.
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    I think so:((  I am trying to focus on me, but also FI wants. But I know he will love it. I want to be sexy, classy and wow all in one!  I know what I am looking for but just can't find it.
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    I agree with the other ladies. Do what makes YOU happy. Honestly, I thought the first picture that dress looked good on you and if thats what you like go with it and stop looking.


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    It's been called cute... I do not want to be "Cute" on my wedding day lol.  If it was just a bit more form fitting, it's be perfect!!
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    I agree with people, buy what you love. The AA Cinderella doesn't make you look young in my opinion. And your FI is going to love whatever you pick because it's on you.
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    For what it's worth, I think the first Cinderella dress is gorgeous. I'd pick that one over all the others, but that's just my style.

    Buy what you like. Who cares what others think. I promise you your FI will think you look great no matter what you wear.
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    I agree with the others - you look beautiful in the Cinderella dress.  I don't think it makes you look too young.  I would listen to yourself and what you like the best!
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    I think you look amazing in the first dress.  You love it get it!  Also you are one hot mamma, 3 kids!  Wow.

    FBIL FI needs to shut her trap.  Don't take her anymore, don't show her your pictures, it's not of her business.  

    FWIW I had a ball gown and I'm 32.  
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    I agree, get the Cinderella one. You look beautiful in it. MaggieSottero has dresses like that with a little more of a dropped waist.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Still haven't found my dress:((</a>:
    [QUOTE]I think you look amazing in the first dress.  You love it get it!  Also you are one hot mamma, 3 kids!  Wow. FBIL FI needs to shut her trap.  Don't take her anymore, don't show her your pictures, it's not of her business.   FWIW I had a ball gown and I'm 32.  
    Posted by NCV2[/QUOTE]

    I don't think I could have said it better. NCV, I like your style...
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    I think you look amazing in the AA cinderella, and you look so happy in the photo!  FI is going to be too focused on YOU to notice what fabric your dress is.  As far as FBIL FI.....who cares???
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    I LOVE the AA Cinderella on you. Seriously. I love it. It's definitely the one in my opinion. =) 
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    Cinderella dress 100% it suits you much better than the mermaid style you have pictured. Dont let anyone tell you what you like or don't like, or should or shouldn't have. You felt like a bride in the cinderella dress, if you love it, do it! FI will love it too!
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    I love that Cinderalla dress on you!
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    :))) thank you!!! I am leaning towards Maggie. FI said get whatever I want and lace if I want! I know he will love anything!!
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