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wedding shoe question

I'm not the type of girl who wears heals often and when I do they are low heals, I have low arches so my feet start to hurt about an hour after wearing any type of heal.

I was thinkg about wearing wedding slippers since no one will see my feet anyway so I can be comfortable and will actually enjoy  my wedding and not have hurtting feet all through it lol.  I was just wondering if anyone else did this and where they got their slippers from.  Thanks! :)
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Re: wedding shoe question

  • I am actually the same way as you.. I hate to wear heels, and my feet always hurt when I do wear them. But I found these peep toes with only an 1.5 inch heel about and they're very comfortable on me, especially after putting in those foot petals thing in them to help keep my feet in place. I say if you want slippers or flats, then go for them! Like you said, it's not like people will see them anyway! And you wouldn't want to be uncomfortable throughout your wedding!  :)
  • Wedding slippers are not an option for me (high arches) but neither are super-high heels (knee surgery).  I understand where you're coming from.  Buy the slippers and be comfortable!!  There is nothing worse than hurting feet ...
  • I don't wear heels either. Luckily it's easier to find cute flats these days. Have you checked out pictures of shoes on TK? That helped me find some cute flats.
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  • Whatever you decide you can always get a size larger and buy some dr. scholls inserts to support the arch and cushion your feet. Especially with slippers I'd recommend them since there is very little to no cushion on the soles of slippers.
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  • If you're looking for flip flops Davids bridal has them, they say "the Bride" or "I do" on the bottom. I'm sure there are other places, but I know they have them. There are a lot of really cute flats available in stores or Good luck!
  • I don't wear heels but want a bit of height to add to the dress effect, and found these platform sandals that have 2 1/4 inch heel height - Dyables Sandy sandal.  Amazon sells them for $20, I'm going to give them a try.. maybe they'll fit your requirement too?
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