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Veil and Comb

So the girls and I went dress shopping today (yea, I know apparently I'm cutting it close) and I found a gorgeous dress that I fell in love with.  I actually teared up, so I'm hoping that means its the one.  Anyway... I really like the idea of a comb in my hair (I plan to have my hair a little wavy and half pulled back) that is attached to a 2 tier veil.  Now, I am trying to find a really nice comb to dress everythign up, but the more I think about iit, will that even be necessary?  I mean, will anyone actually be able to see the comb during the ceremony?  And, if they can't see the comb, do I detatch the comb from the veil for the reception and still wear it in my hair?  I'm sure its all personal preference, but I'm new to this kind of dressing.  I really don't want ot wear a tiara, and nothing says I have to, but I'm just trying to figure out how this whole veil thing works. 

I would appreciate any much needed advice.

Re: Veil and Comb

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    Well, I am wearing a veil at my ceremony because I think its romantice, but I really want to wear flowers in my hair. I was planning on just wearing veil for ceremony and then switching to flowers for the reception because then they will be noticed. So I would think  a comb could work the same way, but it really is whatever you want!!!! And yes, tearing up about your dress is a good sign I think :)

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