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When we got engaged, I fell in love with my second love, Aiden by Maggie Sottero.  I have not been able to locate this dress ANYWHERE to try it on.  I'm hoping that by posting it here, someone wiill see this and be able to help.  Thanks in advance!


  • if you go to the aiden dress page on her website, you can click "available at" and it will take you to the dealer locator page. you can search your zip code and the distance around you and it will tell you what boutique locations sell her gowns. you would have to call each one to ask them about that gown specifically. i am guessing you have already looked in your area since you said you cant find it, but maybe it will give you some locations that you didnt know existed. if you also know people in other areas of the country that you would happen to visit then you could check their zip codes as well. it all depends on how much you want to get the dress! hope this helps!
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  • Thanks for your input! I have already searched for all boutiques within 50 miles of my home/work and have called most of them, no luck :(
  • I had a similar situation where i wanted to try on a specific dress.   One of the salons said that they could order the dress for me for a $75 or $100 cost.  If I liked the dress the $ would apply to the purchase of the dress, if I didn't like it I would have forfieted the money.

    One of the salons near you that carries this same line may be able to accomodate you in this way - it's worth a try.
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