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My first bridezilla moment???????

So I went out with FMIL and FSIL tonight to windowshop and they told me that they got FSIL's dress this week. I assumed it was this one that I had already seen and had no problems with that was black with pink circles on it. When they found that dress they showed it to me and asked if that would be ok to wear. I said of course yes if you like it. I told them the pink wasn't too bright and wouldn't stand out much and my only issue was that it looked like it might be a little short to wear to a wedding, especially during the winter. They said it wasn't actually that short it just looked like it in the picture. I thought it was very nice of them to ask but was unnecessary because they have common sense and know what is appropriate to wear to a wedding. Well FMIL does anyway, FSIL is 16 and doesn't care. So anyway I assumed that it was that dress that they bought. NOPE. They bought FSIL a BRIGHT pink dress that is shorter then the other one. It is so short she can't bend over without showing her butt. FSIL said she wanted to stand out and be the prettiest one there and stand out the most. Now WTF!!!!! I find this to be very rude and inappropriate to wear to my wedding. FMIL won't even wear black to the wedding because she thinks that's inappropriate but it's ok for her 16 year old daughter to wear a BRIGHT PINK MINI DRESS!!!!!! I'm sure i'm overreacting and having my first bridezilla moment and it's really not a big deal but I think that is very disrespectful to go out of your way to try to steal all the attention. I understand that she's 16 but her mother should know better. When FSIL said that she was going to be the one that stood out the most I said something about that not being appropriate and FMIL said that there's no competing with FSIL. What is that supposed to mean?? I said it's MY day, there is no competition!! and left it at that. I know that I will get over this shortly but it just bothers me. It bothers me that she is trying to be the one who stands out the most. You don't do that at someone else's wedding. You don't try to steal their thunder. That's just mean. It bothers me that FMIL doesn't think it's inappropriate for someone to wear the brightest dress ever made to someones wedding but gives me crap over my bridesmaids dresses being black and my dress having black on it. It all just bothers me. I don't know if it should or not but it does. Am I right to be upset and is this inappropriate or am I being upset over nothing?? Thanks for letting me vent. :) I already feel better. :)

Re: My first bridezilla moment???????

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    why does it matter that its bright pink? she's 16, of course she's going to want to wear a bright, short dress. that's what teens do. i doubt she was being malicious or trying to stand you up. you will be the center of attention along with your husband because its your wedding. relax :)
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    Yeah i'm already over it I just don't know how to delete posts. lol I was more shocked then anything. lol

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    Deleting is highly frowned upon and no longer actually possible.  But you admitted that you were venting, probably overreacting, and have now gotten over it.  So don't sweat it.

    16 year olds will be 16 year olds.  Someday, she'll probably look back on those pictures and say "what was I thinking?" and hopefully not be need so much attention. 
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    I'm sure she'll regret it when she sees pictures of herself years later, but still, I would be annoyed too. I wouldn't want my daughter to show up to a wedding in something informal like that! She should know you can still stand out without looking slutty :|
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