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Mom and Shoes - What to do?

Recently, my Mom and I shopped together to help her find a dress for my wedding.  She looked beautiful in a top and skirt set.  The top is ivory with an indigo colored band that matches the skirt.  Her top actually complements my dress nicely, which is also ivory and the same style.  My question is, I found bridal shoes that I am in love with.  My Mom and I have been searching and searching for shoes that would work for her, but cannot find anything appropriate.  My question is, how much of a fashion faux pas would it be if we were wearing the same shoes, (my shoes match beautifully with her dress)?  

Also, I've been reading on other websites the mother of the bride should not be wearing white.  Am I completely going against all tradition here?  But my Mom feels happy and looks great, so I'm happy.  

But, what are your thoughts on the shoes?  Same, or different?  
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Re: Mom and Shoes - What to do?

  • Generally it's taboo for anyone to wear white other than the bride, but if it's your mom and you're cool with it then I don't see a problem.  As for the shoes, is your dress long?  If so, no one will really see them, so I don't see a problem with you having matching shoes.
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    Yes, my dress is long.  My dress will be getting hemmed because I am not very tall, but I doubt anybody will be paying that  much attention to my feet.  

    Here's a picture of my Mom's dress.  

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  • And if they did notice and care, then they're weird...
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_attire-accessories_mom-shoes?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20BoardsForum:15Discussion:350cb19f-0313-4cb6-88dc-1cdd869f9b9aPost:fff028c8-7751-4421-9978-a884fa5b8f5f">Re: Mom and Shoes - What to do?</a>:
    [QUOTE] As for shoes, it wouldn't be a faux pas for both of you to wear the same shoes.  Nobody will see yours, but even if they did, nobody would notice and nobody should care.  Go for it!
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    Thanks everyone for your support!  I went ahead and placed an order for my Mom's shoes this morning.  Should make a nice Mother's Day gift : )
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  • My MIL wore a ivory jacket and black palazzo pants.  She looked great and no one commented about her wearing ivory.  Neither your mom nor my MIL will look like a bride.
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  • I love her dress! It's lovely and I say go for it!
  • The Matron of Honor for Kate & Williams wedding wore the same color as Kate's dress so go for it!

    I noticed that for all the royal weddings, the bridal party matched the bride.

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