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DRESS DILEMMA! I need advice

So i dont post much but i need advice bad!

I bought a dress from davids bridal on my first time out. It was very busy and crowded in there and i got really overwhelmed. I bought a dress that I didnt get that wow feeling but everyone else LOVED IT. I wanted to buy it cause they were having a sale, but i didnt realize there pretty much always having the same sale. All i keep thinking about is how i dont love my dress. Ive only tried it on once since i bought it in february cause im not even excited about it and when i put it on i just think eh.

I really wanna go and try on some more dresses. I just saw one online that it so much more me. I feel like i should atleast try it on. but Im on a very tight budget and spend $600 on that dress, and now spending another 500 on a dress it way outta the budget. maybe i could sell the first on e bay or something? anyway what do you all think????? PLEASE HELP
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Re: DRESS DILEMMA! I need advice

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    Well with you only having 3 Months to go, it is kinda pressing for you.   Maybe if you took the dress into Davids Bridal and had the Alterations department add something to your dress to where you would love it and give you that WOW factor!   I am here in Louisiana, but go to the one in TX and they are very helpful on putting detail to your wedding dress. 

    Try that first like tomorrow, since you are only three months out.  Get some expert advice from the seamstress at your local davids Bridal, I am sure either their is something they can add or take off to make it your dress that you want.

    Good Luck!  

    Getting married for the second time, not my first rodeo!  LOLSmile
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    Ashley - I have been there and know exactly what you are going through.  I also went to BD, and bought the dress that got the WOW factor from my kids.  Other factors influencing me that day were the fact that the dress was on sale and that the dress was under $500.  Shortly after, I started regreting my decision... thinking that dress is just ehhh and that it doesnt really reflect who I AM.  I agree with the PP  - is there any way you can modify your dress?  Can you try it on and take a good look in the mirror and decide what is it about the dress that doesnt wow you?  I wasnt wowed by my dress - but it did mean the world to me that my kids were wowed. Sometimes we tend to be our worst critics.  What dress did you pick? 
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    thats the link to the dress I got. I think it may be hard to really alter much about this dress just because of its design..maybe? Im only 5 feet flat and i feel like i just look so short and i would feel so self conscious the whole time. Ill have to ask the alterations dept what my options are.
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    It depends on if you can even get the dress you love in time for the wedding. this might not be possible. I think you should have the dress you love if possible. try on the dress you have been looking at - see if it's even possible to get it. if you do love it, check trash to treasure board, craigslist, and to see if anyone is selling it for cheaper. and of course then you need to turn around and sell the dress you already bought.

    good luck!
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    i don't know what it looks like on you but the dress is gorgeous. i like the pick-ups on the front. if you think it's too late or you can't afford to buy a new dress think about the whole package. like shoes, jewellery, accesories, how your hair will be done. if you try to think about the entire look for the day and put your energy towards being happy with that then you may get that wow factor that you're looking for. maybe it wont be in just the dress but in your whole look.
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    I did this, TWICE. I have two dresses that I bought from Davids that were on sale. I got the first one for $99 and it was an impulse "it won't be here tomorrow" sale. The seond dress was the same situation. I had gone for a party dress becasue the first was fit n flare. I am now selling both of them. I ordered a dress yesterday form David's that is in their fall line. This dress is chantung taffetta, has a full skirt, and is awesome. Thw dress literally came off the truck Friday and isn't even available for viewing on thier website yet. Its in teh new catalog but that isn't available yet either.  I shouldn't have spent the $450 on this third dress becasue it really isn't in the budget, but I am so happy in this dress. I feel it is so me and the first two were bought at the nudging of my mom and bridesmaid. I had to spend the money to get the dress I want and feel comfortable in. I figure I will cut out something else in order to fot this into the wedding, and hope I can sell th first two.

    On a side note. I love that dress and hope you figure it out. You could also add some colorful or silver or gold embellishments somewhere. Find an independant seamstress and ask for ideas. Nobody will charge you for ideas.
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    the dress is beautiful. I too think maybe you could add some bling wahtever style that may be for you to getht he wow factor. My dress is pretty plain but im having a blinged out belt made. Like others have said if you really hate see how long it woudl take the dother dress to get to you in time.
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    Ashley - IMO this dress rocks!  Its beautiful and sophisticated, really, what  is not to like?  You mentioned that the dress is going to make you look short -- ummm.... I am also 5' and the reality is, WE ARE SHORT.  The style of dress that you have choosen is flattering for petites and actually make you appear taller.  I am wearing 4" heels -- if you dont mind a heel, I HIGHLY recommend a tall heel!    I know that every bride wants that special dress, and we read so many "wow I found the dress" stories on TK, but I dont think that everyone has to have that feeling in order for her dress to be the one.  I agree with a PP, at this point it is going to come down to what is most important to you -- having a dream dress and having to cut back on other parts of your wedding or keeping the one you have.   In the same situation some brides keep on searching until the get the "one" and others stay with what they have.  I am staying with what I have.  I loved it, then hated it, looked for something else, and finally fell completely in love with it.  There were other wedding things that I wanted more than a different dress. 

    My advice it, take a little break from the dress stressing, work out your budget and then make an informed choice on what you want to do.  I wish you teh very best of luck!
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    I totally feel you. I was having the same drama a few days ago:

    Personally, I love that dress. I think adding something like a beaded belt would be a great touch, but you need to identify what your style is and try and bring it in by bits and pieces. Here are some ideas:[]=tags&includes[]=title[]=tags&includes[]=title

    Here's some great advice I got in the other thread. Hope it makes you feel betteR:

    You don't want your dress to make you cry.  You don't want to get a wonderful, butterfly feeling when you wear it.  Save those feelings for your FI!  You need a dress that fits into your budget and flatters you.  That's it.  You need a dress so that all your friends and relatives will say, "She's beautiful!" when you walk down the aisle.  You need to feel that you are the luckiest woman on earth when you marry your friend and dearest love.  You do NOT need to fall in love with a dress that you will only wear for a few hours.  Think about your priorities.  You will look beautiful, either way.  Now, go thank God for sending you a wonderful man, and don't sweat the small stuff.
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    I am in your exact same boat!!!! I feel your pain and I dont know what to do - I keep tryiing on dresses and yet can't seem to find "the one" - my DB dress is not in yet so I can't even retry it but I truly feell it isnt the one - sorry I dont have advice but wanted you to know you are not alone -
    I do love the above comments and I keep trying to tell myself that yet I am struggling.
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    I went ahead and bought my second dress. I wasn't planning on it, was just looking for BM dresses and there is was. Time is running short. I feel madly in love with it and I'll be honest - I don't care about the money I will lose.  I will eventually sell the first dress. I was sick to my stomach thinking about how to fix it to be more me.  It was a beautiful dress too - but just not the one for me. I put a rush on it and the happy giddy feeling I have right now is completely worth it.

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    Thank you all so much for your advice. I'm glad im not the only to have this happen to.
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