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Last minute debate on the grooms attire

So, originally FI picked out black shirts for him and his groomsmen, which were purchased when they got their suits. (FI's dad/stepmom got all of the groomsmen black Hugo Boss suits). They also have black skinny ties, and white/pewter pockets squares instead of boutenierres. 
Guys suits:

I didn't get my dress until later, but it's more traditional than I had planned (Reem Acra Sunburst):
With the crinoline, it's much more of a mermaid/fit and flare.

These are the bridesmaid dresses:
They're basically a dark pewter. 

I suggested that with my dress, the guys change to white shirts, but of course FI procastinated, and it's now 2 1/2 weeks before the wedding. I also got him and his groomsmen matching cufflinks, but the black shirts don't have french cuffs, and they don't have time before the wedding likely to get new shirts.

FI's black shirt doesn't fit well (it wasn't a slim fit), so he has to get a new shirt, or wear one he already has regardless). FI's tie is also black and a skinny tie, but has more detailing. 

We have 2 options, both of which he suggested and wanted my thoughts on.

Option 1) Have the guys wear the black shirts that have already been tailored for them. FI wears a white shirt, maybe one with French cuffs so he can wear his cufflinks, or the white dress shirt he already has. FI thought it might look nice for him to also be "in white" and stand out more in pictures. 

Option 2) Ask all groomsmen (plus FI) to wear white shirts they already have, doesn't have to be the same shirt.

Option 3) Try to get new white shirts? This seems like too much of a pain.

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