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Pewter flip flops for bridesmaids?

My bridesmaids are wearing Davids Bridal "Lapis" dresses. They are all wearing different styles. However, I am having them wear Pewter shoes of the same style. I am having a hard time finding flip flops in a similar color. Anyone have some advice on where to find them? David's Bridal has them in the Lapis but I'd like to go w/Pewter or something close to it that they would have more of a chance to wear them again.

Re: Pewter flip flops for bridesmaids?

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    My BMs wore an eggplant color similar to lapis and they wore silver saldals for the ceremony. I got them pewter flip flops with rhinestones at Old Navy... J.Crew had a similar style. Get them early... I got them last March for my September wedding and it was a good thing; when I went back to get myself a pair the silver had sold out. GL!
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    DSW, Zappos and Endless - if you can't find a pair on one of those 3 sites it probably doesn't exist.
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    Old Navy
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    I just bought flip flops for my BMs at Old Navy--I had them choose a style they liked and then got them for them. Silver vs. gray vs. pewter won't be a huge difference and sounds like it is just something comfy for them to change into (i.e. won't be in your pictures).
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  • Options has lots of flipflops. I own several pair of the wedge ones.  They are really comfortable.  I got some with rhinestones for my reception.
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