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Please Help Me (Accessories and PIP)

Hello Everyone!

I would love some help and opinions on what you all think because I feel lost.
Below is a picture of my dress. I have added a foot of train to the back, as well as the sparkle embroidery from the front of the dress, to the back bottom of the dress.

My veil is a double veil (Cathedral and fingertip length) with pretty wide combs.I think my mom expected me to get some sort of tiara or crystal headband, and while I would love one- I am feeling like it would be waaaaay too much with my dress. I tried some on this weekend when I ordered my veil, but I didn't try on my dress with it (the shop was freaking mobbed). I wasn't sold on the tiaras, and I don't think my mom was either- but I could tell she really wanted me to get one. I finally got so overwhelmed I just told her I didn't like any and could we just order my veil so we could leave- so we did.

I just think I'm going to look like a sparkly tulle nightmare walking down the aisle if I have on the double veil, sparkly headband, and jewelry! UGH it's giving me a headache thinking about it. What do you guys think? Below is a pic of the jewelry I want to get as well (or something similar- this is from Swarovski). Please help with your opinions! TIA!

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Re: Please Help Me (Accessories and PIP)

  • If it were me, I would just do those stud earrings, and a bracelet.... I love open necklines, if you do want to wear a necklace, that one is definitely not too loud. I think with a headband, studs and a bracelet would complete the look. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous, btw!
  • I think you definitely DON'T need a necklace, you dress is gorgeous and has enough going on to add more accesories. Those stud earrings would be perfect, and like pp said, maybe a simple bracelet.

    BTW I'm looking for some earrings like those. Are those for sale on thanks!
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  • I think your jewlelry will be fine with the dress because they are simple pieces.  But you could also get away with no necklace if you wanted.

    As for the tiara, I think it will be too much going on.  And if you don't want it, don't get it.  My mom had her heart set on me wearing a veil, but I had no desire to do it.  I tried on a few for her but hated it, and I did a beaded headband instead. 
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  • Thank you all for your advice! I never thought of bracelets- that is a great idea. You definitely calmed me down.

    mariadperezg- yes- that set is on sale at It's such a cute set!
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  • I like the diamond studs.  You have a pretty fancy dress so you can do simple jewelry.
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