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Cleaning a Sample Wedding Dress

I found a really inexpensive wedding dress, $276, at a Jessica McClintock store in the mall. The dress was too small and they only have one dress left in my size in the whole company. They may no longer be producing that style in the future. The dress that they have in my size is a sample from another store. The rep called the store about the condition and was told that there is some dust at the bottom of the dress and a make up stain.  I will be able to look at the dress on Saturday to see if I want to purchase it. I'm concerned that cleaning the dress may not completely get out the stains. Do you think it may be possible to dye the dress white again if cleaning it doesnt work? Has anyone done this and have an idea of the cost? I don't want to end up spending a lot of money just to get the dress clean. I'm going to try to call around to get an idea of how much it will cost in my area but just wanted to see if anyone has done something similar.

Re: Cleaning a Sample Wedding Dress

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    I sent my sample dress to a special dry cleaner that deals specifically with wedding dresses and it was around $200 for cleaning.  From what I understand, they are really good about getting out surface dirt but I think it depends on the type of fabric.  These people are professionals and they should be able to get almost anything out.
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    Thanks for the tips. CMGr I didnt even think to consider the tye of fabric. I'm going to call the shop and ask them what type of fabric it is made out of so I can get some quotes from dry cleaners. I was worried that it will cost 200 or more to clean it. Not sure if it will be worth buying if I have to spend even more to clean it. Especially if it needs alterations too.
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