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How to determine if a dress is a counterfeit

I recently bought my dress and looked on the designer's website afterward to see whether the bridal shop I purchased my gown from is an authorized retailer.  The bridal shop is not listed; now how do I tell whether I have a counterfeit?  I did research this bridal shop before I scheduled an appointment, and it received mostly very positive reviews and accolades.

I did call the designer to ask if they keep their website up to date with authorized dealers, and the lady on the phone say their website "should be up to date." 

Re: How to determine if a dress is a counterfeit

  • This depends on designer, so you may want to ask them for advice. One good thing to check is the tag, often tags on counterfeit dresses don't look right. Also, if you bought a Maggie it should come with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Ditto opalsky. My dress was a Sottero and Midgley and it came with a certificate of authenticity.

    Not all bridal shops across the country are probably going to be listed on a designers website. I would go back to the bridal shop where you purchased the dress and ask them about it in person. Unfortunately, if it is not, you are probably stuck with it as most are not returnable, but you could always sell it.
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