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Possibly altering a dress, need creative input! Help!

I have a beautiful A-line thigh length champagne-ish cream colored vintage dress with a scoop neck, very short sleeves, and a gorgeous pink and gold paisley embroidered design (it's probably cotton, and looks handmade). It's not too far off the color scheme that my fiance and I are considering (blue, champagne and white), but it's a little informal for a wedding gown. Our wedding is in a year, so I'm still exploring options, but I thought maybe I could lengthen the dress and make it formal-ish? Doesn't need to be tea-with-the-queen formal... but something I can look back on without cringing. :D
Will the pattern make it impossible? I can add about an inch and a half to the length no problem, the last owner took up the hem rather messily so ripping out her seams won't be an issue (most of it has already come apart), but it'll still be short. Would using cream colored tulle be tacky with the length, or should I take it up to hip level and add a full skirt?
Once I finish attaching a new zipper, I'll upload photos.

Re: Possibly altering a dress, need creative input! Help!

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    That could be difficult...Definitely get together with a seamstress and brainstorm with her.  All of those alterations to that dress could be rather expensive. It may or maynot be possible to turn it into a full length dress that doesnt look like a short dress with added length.
    Would you consider working with someone who could design a dress based on the dress that you have now? Basically copying the top of the dress and creating the skirt of it that you have in mind. Just an idea :) Definitely put some pictures up if you can because it sounds really beautiful!
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    You could definitely do something with it, but you'll be limited in terms of shape and style. You could add a skirt below the empire/babydoll waistline fairly easily. A seamstress could probably alter the bottom part of the dress to fit you through the bodice, then add a skirt in an a-line shape. I can't really tell if there's enough of it to make a tiered skirt, alternating between layers of your fabric and layers of organza or something, but that might be an option.

    It might be a better idea to use this as an engagement party/rehearsal dinner dress and find something with more fabric to it for your wedding gown.
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