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Cherry Red or Claret

I am having a fall wedding and my colors are Red & Orange (w/yellow accents), with the intention of having the girls in red I chose bouqets that were more orange with red/yellow accents, so it wansnt too much red. Initially I thought bright red for the BM, but then w/bright flowers,I was thinking that a darker red, like a claret would be nice to bring it down a notch and bright flowers would pop more off a darker shade and clash with the bright shade.
After going shopping my MOH prefers and is pushing for a brighter cherry red, saying the claret is too purple and thinks the claret will clash with orangey flowers and the claret is too 'winter'. So now I am all confused and I am no fashionista.
I debated changing the flowers and going with the brighter dress, since the flowers are really orangey-red but I really love them. Do you think this will be too much with bright flowers? Can they both be bright? Oh and my other BM likes the darker claret, which doesnt help the situation! I want it to be pretty and not look like the circus.... suggestions needed!! Anyone have similar colors and pics?

Re: Cherry Red or Claret

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    I think the apple red color at David's bridal would be perfect. That was my original color when I thought we'd be getting married in fall but now that we're getting married in the spring I  opted for the cherry red.
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    See if you can get a swatch of both fabrics and take them to your florist. 

    I don't know what your flowers are going to look like or I'd give you advice. Check out Color Scheme Designer. That's helped me a TON!

    Just remember there are people who combo navy, neon pink, and sunshine yellow and make it look good. It's all about how you pair things. Sometimes a wedding coordinator can help (or pick ONE BM who has YOUR best interest at heart who has a great eye for color!)

    And on a side note: Your BMs and your MOH aren't supposed to be making this a difficult thing for you - their job is to make it easier. Your MOH shouldn't be "pushing for" anything. It's not her wedding! You might need to remind them it's YOUR [and your fiance's] wedding and it was an OPTION and and HONOR to be in the bridal party. While you respect and appreciate their opinions, it's your personal tastes that are going to florish at you and your fiance's nuptuials. 

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    Similar colors here. My colors are pumpkin orange, saffron yellow, and poppy red. I originally wanted my BMs in poppy red dresses, but couldn't find a red color we all really liked. So, my BMs are going to be in navy blue with poppy red sashes and bright flowers. 

    I'm not a huge fan of claret, but, if you wanted any of their flowers to be bright red, it would probably work best. I love the idea of the bright red dress with orange and yellow flowers. I don't think claret would look as good with those. 
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    The girls will have orange dahlias and yellow cymbidium orchids with red berries & greenery.
    Thank you... I am glad I am not the only one with this kind of color scheme. I have been trying sooo hard not to be a bridezilla, but BM dresses seem to have been one of the more stressful things!

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    AHA we finally picked the dress in claret: 
    This claret is definately the nicest we've found so far and I got both BM to agree on the color!
    Thanks for your support ladies :)
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