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Trumpet Gown in New Issue

I absolutely love the new trumpet dress on page 120 of the new issue. The information next to the dress says that it's made by The Couture Collection for $645. Despite all my efforts, I can't find it on the website, and I can't find information on the designer or retailer in the back of the magazine. Any advice, help or information would be REALLY appreciated.

Re: Trumpet Gown in New Issue

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    What magazine?  The knot?
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    Yes, I'm sorry, I should have been more specific. The dress I am referring to is from the recent issue of The Knot magazine (Spring 2010). I've written customer service with no answer.
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    OMG I'm having the same issue!  I want that dress too.  I think if you look at the back, it says only 2 stores up north (Rhode Island and New Jersey I think) carry the brand.  I wish they hadn't made me fall in love with a dress that is so hard to get!
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