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question for girls with "little girls"

I have no idea what I am going to wear under my dress! I measure a 34A but even in the right size my cup is still half empty. Strapless bras are a problem because they leave a gap between my boobs and the neckline of whatever I'm wearing so you can see straight down my chest. I'm not big enough for chicken cutlets either, they do the same thing a strapless bra does. What have other flat-chested girls done under their gowns?

Re: question for girls with "little girls"

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    Wow, that is EXACTLY like me! I have my first fitting in about a week, so I don't know for sure what I'm doing yet. I think I might have her sew cups into the dress and not wear a bra or anything. If I wore any sort of bra I would be tugging on it all night. I obviously don't need anything for support, so I think the cups will be fine because it will just be to fill out the dress a little better.
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    I'm a 36 A and put a strapless bra under my strapless gown and it worked out fine.  They ended up taking it in a tad under the arms and then it fit like a glove.  I even got a compliment from a co-worker about how well it fit around the bust.
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    I'm a 34A and my seamstress recommended sewing in cups with a little boning and padding. I haven't done it yet but she said that it'll give me a little "oomph".

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    My seamstress is sewing in padded cups I bought, and I have a corset dress so hopefully the combo will help make things look more full than a 34A!
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    I'm barely a 34B and I had padded cups sewn into mine. 
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