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What earrings/hair decoration with this bolero? (updated dress pic!)

I was at DB tonight looking for a jacket and I fell in LOVE with this bolero. It reminds me of my mom's dress, which I adore.
This is me in "my" dress- the store still had it and I was able to put it on! It's a size too big, still has the bow on it, which I took off on my actual dress, and I think I need a size smaller in the jacket. So with that said, a super not cute picture after a day of classes and working:

I'm thinking good jewelry options would be large diamond studs or med/large pearl earrings OR small dangly pearl earrings.  Kinda leaning towards the diamonds just for the sparkle?
I also think that a necklace would be major overkill. 
What you ladies think?

I wanted to wear some ivory flowers in my hair instead of a veil- would that be too busy now?  If not flowers, what other kind of simple hair decorations would fit with the jacket and dress?

I'm taking my actual dress to try on the XS jacket tomorrow and I want to wear something similar to what I'd wear in the wedding to get a better picture of everything!

Edit: This is my dress, fitted to me, and the XS jacket, which was perfect! We bought it :) In this picture I'm wearing huge diamond studs and I really loved them! I also like the little diamond necklace.
I'm still going to look for the perfect hair decoration.

Re: What earrings/hair decoration with this bolero? (updated dress pic!)

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