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Maggie Sottero SD5230...HELP

Maggie Sottero SD 5230.
I can't find any place in Southern California to try this dress on.  Can anyone help me?
I LOVE this dress and really want to try it on before I order it.
Please help.

Re: Maggie Sottero SD5230...HELP

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    I was looking for this dress after seeing it online last year and fell in love with it. It is not from the current Maggie Sottero Destinations line. I believe it's almost 2 years old and probably will only be available through online purchese, ebay, Kijijii, craigslist,, wedding forums etc. Namely people selling one they didn't wear or have worn and are selling. I was lucky to find a sample after months of searching Canada, US, England, Australia. Lots of knock offs online but very few authentic ones. Call any Maggie Authorized dealers that you'd be willing to go to on the chance tht they may still have a sample, do online searches every day and you may get lucky as I did and find one for sale. It's a gamble though when you can't try it and make sure it's "the one". I love mine and it was worth all the hard work to find it. Good luck!
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