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Veil storage until wedding

I ordered my veil from an etsy seller online.  It's cathedral length and since it was shipped to me, it is wrinkly.  What is the best way to get rid of the wrinkles?  Also, how should I store the veil until my wedding?  It's so long...I have no idea how to store it without folding it or storing it in a way that would cause wrinkles.
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Re: Veil storage until wedding

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    I have a long veil as well and I just folded it and draped it over a hanger, hung in a garment bag. I'll get it out the night before the wedding to steam it. Just don't get the steamer too close to the fabric as that can damage it. After steaming, try to hang it in a place where you can lay the "train" out so as not to get it wrinkled again.
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    My veil was in a zip lock bag for 9 months before my wedding.  So don't worry about the wrinkles.  Just steam it a day or 2 before.
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    Thanks ladies!!
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