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Hi Ladies - has anyone bought their gown from netbride?  I am planning to have my bridesmaids/flower girl purchase their dresses from them but I am on the fence as for purchasing my bridal gown from them, the discount is amazing but I am not sure if its a good idea or crazy idea, I'd love to hear any feedback - thanks!!
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    If my bridesmaids gowns are any example of their sevice then you are crazy for not ordering from them.  I ordered the BM's dresses from there and they were perfect.  I am so upset I didn't research netbride for my dress. Many brides have posted their success with this company.  The only draw back I can see is that the dresses came in a month earlier than expected and I had to front the money to a few of the BM's. 
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    I agree with the PP.  I bought a BM dress from them last year, and if their service then was an indication of what it is with the wedding gowns, I would do it in an instant.  The only reason I didn't was because my dress is a limited edition, and only sold by certain stores. I would definitely do it, esp if you find someone on here who has bought their wedding dress from NB.
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