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Priscilla's nightmare

 was a MOH in a wedding yesterday and am writing to let everyone know about our NIGHTMARE experience with Priscilla's of Boston. 

My friend got engaged in June so we only had 4 mos to plan.  In early July BEFORE we ordered everything we confirmed that the tight turnaround time would NOT be an issue.  We were assured, guarranteed, etc we would have the dresses by early September. 

Early september came and passed- no dresses.  We were told that there was an issue with the material and the dresses would be slightly delayed. Coincidentally, the flower girls dresses which were of a different material also were not available.  Later we would surmise that the dresses had not been ordered when we paid and placed the order in early July! 

A week before the wedding we still had no dresses.  I went to the shop for an intervention and found I actually had to explain to the staff that while the dresses might actually get there before the wedding I have a life that does not enable me to simply drop everything and run to a store for a fitting (work in NYC, have chlldren, a husband who travels, etc).  Coordinating a fitting the week of the wedding would not be easy for me.  

FInally the TUESDAY BEFORE THE WEDDING the dresses came in and all of the bridesmaids had to drop everything to come in for a fitting. We were told not to worry the dresses would be done in time and that they would messenger the dresses to our houses free of charge but then quickly recanted.

I got my dress the friday night before the wedding. Sat morning I realize that MY DRESS DIDN'T HAVE CUPS even though it was suppose.  So I had to go through the service without a bra, no cups, on a cold windy day and you could CLEARLY SEE MY NIPPLES THROUGH THE DRESS.  Another bridesmaid did have cups in her dress- they were sewn in crookedly so one of the cups actually ran across the middle of her breast.  Another bridesmaid had a clearly visible uneven hem.

I knew POB would be a nightmare (went there for my own wedding dress- told 1 price one day and then a totally different and higher price a few days later, a friend also had problems with her dress coming in as specified-,she wanted cap sleeves put on and they were done all wrong in the wrong material etc)

Brides- spare yourselves the headache and get your dresses elsewhere!
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