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Not sure about the dress XP

Ok so first trip to DB I thought I found the dress.   However then I learned the sash I wanted wasn't in the color I wanted.  I felt defeated and felt I had to start over. 

So we went back in to DB and I tried on 3 dresses.  Everyone felt that the dress I liked at first is the dress and there is another sash in the color I want.  

My friend keeps suggesting I not go with DB.  She loves Alfred Angelo.  I told her I liked one dress of theirs and if there were a store near me that carried it I would have tried it on.  Well she emails me a picture of a dress she says I really need to try it would great on me. It is the dress I really like.  So she tells me she thinks I will be making a mistake to buy the DB dress without trying this dress on. 

Here are the issues.  1.  The AA dress is $100 over my budget at the cheapest price I can find.  2. The AA has a train so I would need to bustle it for the venue we have.  I would only get to undo the bustle for pictures but it would look amazing in pictures.   3. The only place to try the dress on is 2 hours away.

My mom has said she will pay for the DB dress and has said she has to think about it but she might be willing to pay $350 (the price of the David's dress) toward the purchase of the other dress but she is not sure because she doesn't like the other dress.   So that would put the dress sort of under budget however I admit that I am trying to keep things in budget no matter who pays. 

My gut says if the David's dress was really the one I would not keep coming back to this dress.  That my friend may be right I should try it on.  Then I come back to this dress is more money and over budget. 

Here are the dresses for comparison..

Davids  (This dress would be a special order without train and take 18 weeks to get in.) 

Alfred Angelo
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