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Can anyone help me decide on one of these two dresses?

Hi there!

As the topic says, I am having trouble deciding on my wedding dress. I've tried David's bridal and other such places, but I can't find anything that meets my three requirements:

1. Must be in my size (I am 6'3)

2. Must be a nice Holly/Christmas Green for a Christmas Wedding.

3. I'm looking for something a bit more modest than most dresses, wanting my dress to have a back, shoulders, and sleeves.

That said, I've resigned myself to having had a dress made.  I can't afford the steep prices of American Dress Makers, so I've found a site online that sells custom dresses made in China. I've narrowed it down to two dresses I really like.

The first is here:

I LOVE the look of it, and think it would be beautiful in Green with Silver embroidery.  My main concern is the material; it's a cotton/polesyester blend, and I'm not sure how that will work as a dress. Thoughts?

The second dress is Satin and Organza, which sounds reassuring. It's my fiances' favorite which means a lot to me. Here it is:

Both dresses can be made in any size, any color, and fit my budget. I just need to make a decision, and the fabric decision worries me. If anyone can offer any insight, opinions, or just feedback, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Thanks for your time!


Re: Can anyone help me decide on one of these two dresses?

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    Don't buy from one of those sites. I've read so many stories of brides getting screwed over by them, either not getting their dresses at all, or very low quality dresses. Have you tried consignment shops or the classified board? 

    Also, the dresses you picked look very "Renaissance Fest-y" to me (I'm a Ren Fest girl myself). Maybe look for a Renaissance dress maker online. They can make it to you specifications, and are far more trustworthy in my opinion.
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    The second one is much prettier.
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    I agree, a lot of brides post here about the horror stories of their knock off dresses from China - they don't fit, they are so poorly made they cannot be worn, they look nothing like the photo, etc.  And almost 100% of the time these girls are out of their money because the dresses cannot be returned.

    The sad thing is, most of the time the girls who buy these dresses are the ones who can least afford to buy another gown when the first one doesn't work out.  

    That being said - have you tried looking for green bridesmaid dresses, green prom dresses, or green quincenera dresses?  You can order designer dresses for less (real designer dresses, not knock offs) from authorized online retailers like

    And by looking at your dress picks - what if you bought a strapless very (you'll have a lot more selection!) and bought a bolero jacket to wear as sleeves?  A variation of this, which you could either have made or order online.

    Good luck!
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    As PP said, please go through a local seamstress and not a Chinese knock-off site.  For every bride who has success with it, it seems like there is at LEAST one who does not and has their heart broken with no additional money to spend on a dress.  It's a huge risk that I would never take.
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    What about this with a bolero?  It looks like Christmas green!  STYLE: S12-4Q756

    or this one (though it doesn't have a bolero, maybe you could get a jacket made with extra material) STYLE: S10-4Q582
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    A good friend of mine wore a similar "Juliette" dress for her winter formal (sorry, I know, NWR) that her mom had made for her. (It's actually a really funny story... they couldn't get the fit right, it was too tight. Turns out she was pregnant! She's now married to the dad, just had another little girl, and he's in Afganistan.)

    Anyway, what I was trying to say is these can be made for your specifications, as PPs have said. They can be quite beautiful. Very unique for your wedding!

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