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Longline Bra?

I bought my longline bra from DB the other day. I've tried it on a few times and I'm not sure I'm wearing it right.

My boobs look like a shelf and it creases a bit right under my bust. I try to pull it down so I look more natural but as soon as I sit down it creaps back up. 

I put my dress on with everything and I'm not sure if it's becasue I'm not used to my boobs being so close to my face or what but I feel like a football player... but when I look in the mirror it looks great!

Any suggestions? My soon-to-be mother-in-law suggested putting my slip OVER the bra to halp keep it down. 
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Re: Longline Bra?

  • Ask your seamstress to sew it into the dress.... I did this and it stayed in place all night!! I was totally afraid of popping out, but it helped and then u dont risk the bra showing
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