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veil vs flower

I bought a veil when I bought my dress. The more I think about it I really want to wear a flower in my hair. (We're getting married on the beach) I went to micheals and bought stuff and made one, I love it. I put the same beads as on my dress and a couple small blue beads the color of the BM dress. I thought it could be my something blue.

But can I only wear one or the other? Or is it ok to wear them at the same time?

My flower is about 3"
My veil is elbow length with simple beaded deatail

Re: veil vs flower

  • I'm wearing a veil for the ceremony, but then switching to a flower for the reception.  I wanted to get married in a veil, but didn't want to drag one around with me all night.
  • Ditto Sara, I'm thinking of doing the same thing to have the best of both worlds.  But if your veil and flower work together for you, go for it!
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  • if you try it on together and like it then why not!? if they don't then i would go for the flower..from your post it seems like you like the flower much better but i would see how it looks with both first.
  • I was just about to post this question but I saw that you already have!

    Has anyone had any luck finding pictures with both? I feel like I've looked all over the place to get ideas but haven't had much luck. I haven't ordered my veil yet because I don't want to spend $200 until I'm sure I want to wear one.

    I'm getting married indoors so the wind won't be a problem.
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