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to bustle or not to bustle

Hi, my bridesmaids say I need a bustle with the dress I have.  I have viewed hundreds of bustles and have not liked any of them and i am worried it will ruin my beautiful dress. I am looking for other opinions. The second picture on the David's Bridal website has a better idea of the back of the train. Below is me wearing the dress.Thank you so much. 

Re: to bustle or not to bustle

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    I agree with pp.  It would get really annoying to have people stepping all over your train at the reception.  Plus what if it ripped when someone stepped on it?  A bustle done correctly won't take away from the dress.
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    You deflinitely want to bustle. I bustled mine and I still had people step on it.
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    People walking on your train will ruin it far more than any bustle could.
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    A bustle is a must.  That is unless you want to attach a wrist loop to the underside of your train and then basically carry around your train on your wrist all night.

    If you don't bustle your dress it will get extremely dirty, people will step on, possibly spill stuff on it, it might rip from being stepped on repeatedly, etc.

    Would you rather have your dress in one piece by the end of the night or would you have it pretty much ruined because you aren't a fan of a bustle?

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    I agree with PP's and a good seamstress can figure out the best look for your dress.
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    Definitely a'll regret it if you don't.
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    You should definitely bustle.   My dress was bustled and it still got dirty and stepped on, I can't imagine what would have happend had I not bustled it.  Not to mention it's easier to move around in if you're not always dragging the train behind you.

    A good seamstress will be able to help you come up with the best way to bustle it without taking away from the dress.  My seamstress started out with a regular french bustle on mine, but after it was obvious it really wasn't doing anything for the dress, she came up with a completely different way of doing it.  It's not something I had ever seen before (in person or online), so it's not that I can give you a name for it to check it out.  It was kind of like the ballroom bustle, in that the skirt was pulled up so that the train lined up with the bottom of the skirt and it looked like the train never existed, but she did it as an under bustle instead of an over so that the pretty parts of my dress weren't covered.

    That was probably more info than you needed, but the core point of what I was saying is that you can go to a seamstress and say "I need this bustled, but I haven't found a style of bustle I like yet.  Do you have any suggestions?" and see what she comes up with.
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    Ditto PP. I had a bustle and still got stepped on.
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    It won't RUIN your gown, but I understand not wanting to bustle.. 
    I didn't bustle, but my gown was a raw silk and incredibly light, so it didn't bug me to hold it while walking around all night. 
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    You have to have a bustle, unless you want people tramping all over your train.  I had a bustle and even with that someone still stepped on it and tore it out...I can imagine if you left your train down you'd risk outright tearing your dress.

    There are some bustle that make it look like there is no train at all.  Not sure what it's called.  Here's a photo - this particular dress has a train on it.  Just an example, I've actually seen this pulled off nicer, but this is just the photo I happened to have saved.

    photo trex2_zps7ab4e9b0.jpg
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    Bustle. My cousin's dress got straight up DESTROYED at her reception. Literally she couldn't even get it cleaned, nobody would touch it. Try a French bustle like PPs have said.
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