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Should i give her the ring?

So me and my girlfriend just got into an arguement.. and things went bad.. yelling cussing and whatever (typical arguement we are crazyyy)..
and she destroyed my ring i gave her for xmas/bday.. im getting a replacement but i want to know if i should give it back to her or just give it to my mom or whatever.. i'm having a hard time deciding given that she bent the previous one really bad.
here is the ring
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Re: Should i give her the ring?

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    Uhh I wouldn't give her anything nice, let alone another ring.

    And I'd probably break up with her.

    She DESTROYED the ring you bought her...and you're just gonna buy her another? Come on, use your brain.
    June 16, 2012
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    Pburke2010Pburke2010 member
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    I wouldn't give her another ring either.  If she wanted it, SHE should be buying it.  She bent it.  

    If you get into fights a lot (which I got from you saying typical) then she should know that this happens and she shouldn't behave that dramatically to destroy a nice ring that you got her.  

    I would take that personally and I would be PISSED.  
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