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Who is wearing a Casablanca gown?

I ordered my wedding dress last week. It's Casablanca 1881 in ivory/champagne. Who else is wearing a Casablanca dress and what style is it?

Here's what my dress looks like:

Re: Who is wearing a Casablanca gown?

  • Hi,

    I recently ordered a casablanca gown style #1955, ivory/ivory.  I am so excited i absolutely love my dress.

  • Below are pics of me in casablanca #1955

  • Both are beautiful.. I really want to go try on some Casablanca gowns but I am waiting a few months because I am not getting married for 1 and half years!
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  • This was my Casablanca 1925. I absolutely loved her. Most amazing/best decision of my wedding was choosing this dress. :) Glad you found yours!
  • I'm a Casablanca bride!! Its style #1914 and there are pics of me in it in my bio!! I love my dress!

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  • That was my gown.  Pics in married bio.  I loved that dress. *sigh*  
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  • i'll be wearing casblanca 1949!
  • I'm wearing style # 1914 too. Pictures are in my bio
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Who is wearing a Casablanca gown?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'm a Casablanca bride!! Its style #1914 and there are pics of me in it in my bio!! I love my dress!
    Posted by jgilmore86[/QUOTE]
    I love how you changed the back! I wish I knew they did this when I ordered mine
  • I am wearing 1971. This is me in the sample.. ill fitting at the top but you get the idea..
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  • I just bought mine today!!!  It was the first dress I tried on, style 1827 and I'm getting it in ivory.  I'm going to have it altered so it fits like a trumpet instead of the A-line.  I found a veil that has the EXACT same beads that are on the dress, it was meant to be!  I had no plans to get a dress with beading or anything, and this is the complete opposite of the pictures that I took in of dresses that I liked

  • To jagore08

    I'm so excited now that I see what the dress looks like at a wedding. I'm in love with it even more. :) You looked very pretty at your wedding. :)
  • Thank you.  The only thing I would suggest is that you have your last fitting as close to your wedding as possible (about a week before would be ideal).  I had to ship it to another state for my wedding and that was about 3 weeks before.  I ended up losing a bit of weight (not intentional) during that time and the bust ended up not fitting as well as it did at my final fitting.
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  • Ohhhh SarahPLiz, I have serious dress envy.  1971 is currently my absolute favorite dress.  I really want it to look good on me!!

    Did you order it in the ivory/champagne like in the pic or did you go with a different color?
  • I did!  I wore the 1858 for my May wedding.  I loved the dress so much!

  • [IMG][/IMG]

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  • Mine's a 1918 and I love it!!!  My mom and I both cried when I tried it on!  Final fitting is next week...I'll try and post pictures afterwards!

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  • I just ordered my casablanca 1881 gown! :)  I love it.  I am doing Ivory/Ivory.  Can't wait!
  • Hi! I just want to say your Casablanca gown looks awesome on you!  I know your post was from a long time ago. 
    I just had a quick question. I am buying the same dress, style 1955.  I am trying to decide on the color.
    I know you said yours was ivory/ivory? 
    Does that mean the top of the dress was ivory and the lace was ivory, those colors refer to the top of the dress, and then the fabric under the lace?

  • I am having a tough time deciding on the color of Casablanca 1955? Is Champagne weird to wear on your wedding day? Is it too much of a color? I never imagined wearing champagne but I think the dress looks best in that color? HELP!
  • I'm wearing Casablanca 2053.. Cant wait!!
  • Do you have pictures of your 1918 gown? I just ordered mine in champagne! Would love to see what it looks like!
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